Write Your Name on the Wall

The AJI Journalism Center will be funded through collaborative fundraising by the public (crowdfunding), as well as room donation, in addition to AJI's internal funding.

CROWDFUNDING terms and conditions:

  1. Individual donors (per brick): Rp5 million. Individual donors are limited to a maximum of 10 bricks (Rp50 million). Donor's name will be inscribed on 1-10 bricks, according to their donations.
  2. Corporate donors (per brick): Rp50 million and are limited to a maximum of 10 bricks.

All individual and corporate donors will have their names inscribed on The Wall the walls in public sections.

Silakan berpartisipasi dengan mengikuti langkah klik salah satu Donation Voucher yang ada.  Atau dapat transfer langsung ke rekening Aliansi Jurnalis Independen,  Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) : 000446.1560 (Mohon setelah transfer, kirim bukti transfer ke kami lewat email: sekretariat@ajiindonesia.or.id )


An option for institutions or individuals who would like to support the building cost of one whole room, such as the training room, library, etc. As a token of appreciation, the room will be named in accordance with a special arrangement between the donor and AJI.

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