Rumah Jurnalisme AJI akan dibangun 3 lantai, dengan rooftop di bagian atas. Di lantai bawah sebagian besar digunakan untuk parkir kendaraan. Sehingga ruangan-ruangan ada di lantai 2 dan 3.

Dalam alokasi ruangan, bangunan ini kurang lebih 70 persen didedikasikan untuk ruang publik. Ruang untuk berkumpul dan interaksinya para pegiat jurnalisme, baik itu akademisi, mahasiswa, peneliti, aktivis pers mahasiswa, pegiat sosial maupun jurnalis itu sendiri, baik anggota AJI atau bukan.

The Center's public area will consist of:

  1. Ruang training/diskusi
  2. Multi-purpose room (training/meeting/press conference)
  3. Library
  4. Co-working space
  5. Cafe/cafeteria
  6. Roof-deck/lounge

Sementara itu untuk menjalankan organisasi AJI atau ruang yang sifatnya privat, yaitu :

  1. Workspace/Secretariat

Aside from serving both public and private functions, the Center will provide shared supporting facilities, such as parking lot, toilet, and kitchen.

Public Area

Training room and multi-purpose room

The training room will be dedicated to training in journalism. AJI views that the need for training space dedicated to journalism activities has increased. Both those that have received funding and not. The topic of journalism is getting more and more complex every day. A journalist, aside from having to master basic journalism skills, is also required to understand a number of specific topics. For example environmental journalism, banking, food, gender equality, etc.

AJI currently has a semi-autonomous body, the Independent Journalism School or SJI, that has begun running its own regular training. In addition to that, a number of training in collaboration with universities also need adequate training space.

The multi-purpose room will serve a number of functions. Training, for example, when there are two or more training being held simultaneously. Sessions can be held in the training room and the multi-purpose room. In addition, this room can be used for coalition meetings where AJI is involved. Such as the coalition for bill advocacy, freedom of speech advocacy, etc. This room can also be used for press conferences by AJI or other civil society organizations given its strategic location ⁠—in Kwitang area, not far from the central government.


AJI has published many books on journalism and some are stored neatly in a warehouse. Meanwhile, the data that has been collected by AJI in the digital form also has an important value to the public. Therefore the library at AJI Journalism Center will already have its initial capital⁠—namely books, those published by AJI and digital data. Later, the library's catalog will be expanded to include information and data from partners of AJI.

The library will be built with both digital and online concepts in mind. Hardcopy or printed books will be digitized. The library itself will be available online, so that those who live outside Jakarta, can access the data.

Co-working space

Ruang co-working space ini menyatu dengan perpustakaan, sehingga ada ketenangan yang terjaga. Diharapkan pemakai ruang ini adalah para jurnalis yang dapat bekerja di sini. Dan co-working space ini disediakan gratis untuk para jurnalis.

Discussion Room

Kebutuhan ruangan ini adalah untuk kepanitiaan yang sifatnya temporer, seperti Panitia Festival Media, Panitia World Press Freedom Day dll. Dapat juga digunakan untuk koordinasi kepanitiaan yang di mana AJI ikut berkoalisi dengan lembaga lain, seperti Hari Buruh, Hari HAM dll.


The main function of the cafe and cafeteria will be to support those who are working at/using the facilities of the Journalism Center, particularly food and beverages. Especially since most of AJI members, who are spread out in 38 cities, have a distinct fondness towards coffee. The cafe is hoped to be able to serve a variety of different types of coffee from many corners of the Archipelago.


Located on the top floor. Besides functioning as a lounge, this area can be used for joint activities to pass the time such as poetry reading, singing, etc. The roof-deck will include a roof garden to compensate for the lack of green open space at the ground level, which would have been turned into a parking area.

Private Area

AJI Indonesia Secretariat

This area is dedicated to AJI Indonesia’s organizational needs, where its management and staff can work to serve regional AJI organizations as well as managing program activities for journalists in general. The concept is to utilize a semi-open space, with two private rooms for the Finance Department and Chairman/Secretary General/Executive Director.


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