AJI realizes that developing journalism cannot be alone, it requires collaboration with many parties. Both the press parties such as the Press Council, media companies, other journalist associations, as well as institutions related to certain issues, such as the National Commission on Human Rights, Banking, NGOs, etc.

In addition to collaboration can be done online, there is also a need for a place to meet, gather together to exchange ideas, ideas and joint actions. Meanwhile AJI Indonesia's office located at Jalan Kembang Raya no 6, Central Jakarta has been occupied since 2004.

Usia bangunannya sudah mencapai 33 tahun karena dibangun tahun 1988. Kondisi bangunan yang sudah tidak layak dihuni, membuat AJI Indonesia sementara ini harus mengontrak untuk sementara di Jalan Sigura-gura, Duren Tiga, Jakarta Selatan. Bangunan rumah ini sudah harus dirobohkan demi keselamatan.

The Journalism House was built and dedicated to:

  • A place to build ideas and ideas of future journalism that are free, independent, ethical and prosperous
  • To be a journalism knowledge center and training center for journalists and the public
  • Mengembangkan gagasan bagi Komunitas Jurnalis
  • Mengembangkan kreativitas bagi tim sekretariat AJI Indonesia.


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